Distinguishing "truth" from "untruth" – and the potential of questions

channeling by Azaris Fredriksen -  8 May 2020

I got this information as thought transmissions on 8 May 2020.


There are so many things you do not know in life, meaning that you do not have knowledge about. But you all do have a wisdom within that can distinguish truth from "untruth"; "untruth" meaning things that is not in alignment with the highest meaning or purpose.

So how do you do this?

When you come "across" things in life that seem weird or just do not make sense to you, feel within. Sense if there is a kind of truth in it, or if it is disguised as a "untruth". And ask within, ask to know and distinguish truth from untruth. As it has been said: Ask and you shall receive. This means, first of all ask within yourself. Secondly, you shall receive. The most direct and natural way to receive is within yourself, as a revelation, an insight, a remembering. It is just when you do not listen within or recognize the answers you get within that the answer is given from outside of yourself. So you know, deep within, or it is given to you, directly.

Then you might ask: How can I distinguish this inner knowing or wisdom from other thoughts and feelings within?
And that is a good question. A question that deserves a deeper investigation. Yes, how do you normally distinguish these things? By feeling deeper into it?
Yes, that is a good start. Feel deeper within. Give yourself time do be quiet, to listen, to be open, to not "know" everything already. To be wrong. This is the start of a new era within yourself, and opens yourself up to new insights and knowledge.

Then you can continue with asking a deeper question, or elaborate more about the issue you want know more about. Ask, ask again and again – the more you keep focusing on your questions, the more you may open to hear the answers that come to you. Listen, listen deep within, you might reveal that the question actually leads you to a deeper understanding and grander perspective, not only on the questions at hand, but also on life as such. Because everything is connected, intertwined, so therefore if you really want to know the depth of any question, you will be shown a deeper interconnectedness between this issue and the grander life as such.

Questions like: why is there poverty on the planet? Why can we not make peace on Earth between us all? How can we end the struggles we are experiencing?
To really understand the deeper answers to these questions, you need to see and understand that nothing comes alone, and that all is interconnected, throughout time, space and timelines. This means that to fully understand this, you need to take into account the past (the history), the present and also the future and potential futures that you all have and choose. In addition, there is an aspect in understanding that this life also is interconnected with your and everyone else's lives and lifetimes, in all dimensions, all at once. So what you are experiencing now is both a product of the past and present conditions, and a cause for what is coming into the future. So if you want to change the present, change your past. And how do you change the future? By changing the present. And how to change all at once? By knowing and remembering who and what you are: a Creator in action. You are creating your reality, in the present, past and future, simultaneously.

So the answers to your deeper questions requires a deeper understanding of life as such and how all in interconnected, not only between you all, but also within you all. Your life is a product of all your choices and experiences, throughout all of your lives, all at once. Once you understand that, your can and will be able to also change both your past, present and future into something you would like. And with that understanding, you would probably focus more on what you would like to create and experience, instead of knowing the "answer". Because your choice and what you choose to experience is your answer. And with that understanding, the need to know the answer has been transformed into a deeper understanding of yourself and life as such. This is the potential in all questions. It leads you inside yourself, and brings you into a deeper understanding of yourself and life as it is. And when you know and remember that you are a Creator, then you do not want answers anymore. Because then answers would stop the process of creating and recreating yourself, as the grandest version of the potential that you are. And in that process, answers stop the creative process; it does not stimulate it. And this is the potential in all questions – they lead you away from wanting an answer.

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