Manifesting your intentions – with free soundtrack

A new year is about to come, and many people want to set intentions for the next year and time to come. For me, we are living in an eternal Now. A new year is something we humans make by setting a timemark and splitting this eternal Now into segments. But it is a good opportunity to reflect and be conscious in what we are creating, co-creating and want to create. Therefore a New Year can give birth to new creations we want to see in our lives.

In this context, I have also set my intentions for 2017 and the time to come after that. Here I want to share some of this with you. Hopefully it may inspire you to also set your own intentions for the year and time to come.

Here is a few suggestions to what can be good to remember when setting your intentions:

  1. Sit silently, open your mind and let your heart and soul speak through you. True intentions normally comes from deep within and not only from the mind.
  2. Will these intentions serve the wholeness (all humans, animals, the nature, the planet and all living beings)? If not, maybe adjust your intentions so they do.
  3. Do the intentions feel good and true to you? If not, maybe delete or change them.
  4. When you are clear about your intentions and what you want to create and co-create, use a technique to manifest this into your reality. Below you can play a short meditation that can help you with this.

Here is some of my intentions for 2017 and the time to come:

  1. That we together create peace on Earth between all peoples, humans, animals and other beings and together take care of planet Earth.
  2. That we humans stop believing in or supporting violence and wars as a solution to conflicts and disagreements. This includes soldiers and people in the military systems which is ordered or sent out to wars and conflicts. If a war arises, no one showes up!
  3. That we humans see the similarities between people and religions and appreciate the diversity of differences that exists.
  4. That all humans «remember» and see, feel and experience our true selves – that in our essence we are all One.
  5. That we all have compassion, understanding, respect, care and patience for each other – specially towards those that react or act out based on own trauma and (inner) pain.
  6. That leaders, politicians and other people get connection to and live from their hearts and is honest and open about what they do and what is happening.
  7. That we humans stop creating, supporting or excuse our behavior with a reference to systems that suppress, overrides or do not safeguard human values, and abolishes systems that do not take care of the wholeness (which means all humans, animals, the nature, the planet and all beings in existence).
  8. That the criteria for leaders of all kinds is how good they take care of the wholeness and the human values, and that we dismiss the leaders that do not do this good enough.
  9. That all helping beings on all planes of existence assist us all in achieving this.

Some people say that it is naive to believe in this. I see that these comments is based on the past experiences we have had or seen and that they do not see the true essence in themselves or others. When we see and feel our own essence and see that all other also is this same essence (which can be called Love or Oneness), we will also see how peace and harmony is our natural state – not something we have to achieve. Then we do not have to recreate what we have done in the past, but create a new reality for us all.

If you are several people setting the same intentions and manifesting the same together, the effect will normally be stronger. Please feel free to use some of my intentions above, or create you own ones.

Here is the soundtrack with the guidede meditation for creating and manifesting you intentions:

Please comment below on what your intentions for 2017 and the time to come are 🙂